Technical Services

Quality Assurance – Quality Control

A high quality database is the ground floor of a high quality Mineral Resource estimate. A good QA-QC program is designed to prevent the entry of large errors into the database, demonstrate that sampling and analytical variances are small, and provide confidence in the accuracy of data supporting the resource model. QA-QC programs achieve this by monitoring precision (reproducibility) and quantifying biases (accuracy). QA-QC doesn’t just stop at the assay results but should consider the entire geological database.

MFW Geoscience can help you achieve your goals in running a successful technical QA-QC program. Our services include:

  • Database verification
  • Independent sample collection
  • Independent validation of spatial data (drill collars, trenches, channels, etc)
  • Review sample collection procedures
  • Review sample preparation and analytical procedures
  • Review analytical results of the control samples as they become available
  • Review chain of custody procedures

Drill Program Design and Support

MFW Geoscience will work with you to help design a drilling program to meet your desired level of geological confidence. By mapping the drill hole intersection density you currently have of your deposit, MFW will identify areas of uncertainty in the continuity of geology and grade, enabling us to customise a drilling program which will reduce your corporate risk.

No drilling program is fixed in stone; we can monitor your drilling progress in 3D and modify the program accordingly.

Technical Audits

Technical audits may be part of your corporate policy and can be helpful in securing financing. MFW Geoscience completes independent technical audits to determine if your Mineral Resource estimate has been prepared following best practices and to industry standards.

MFW completes fatal flaw analyses of your Mineral Resource estimate. We interrogate the input data, the estimation methodologies used, and the final results. If we find errors or feel that the methodologies used are not reasonable, we report to you on the risks, and work with you to find solutions.