Mineral Resource Estimation

MFW Geoscience estimates Mineral Resources in a variety of mineralization styles and deposit types. Our estimates have been reported by mining companies to support first time disclosures of Mineral Resources to Preliminary Economic Analyses. All of our Mineral Resource estimates are peer reviewed by a professional geoscientist to ensure best practices have been followed, and industry standards maintained.

Our workflow includes: site visit, exploratory data analysis, 3D modelling, data analysis by rock type or domain, compositing, interpolation of grade by linear methods (Ordinary Kriging, Inverse Distance, Nearest Neighbour), classification of Mineral Resources as Measured, Indicated, or Inferred.

Our detailed study of your mineral project includes:

  • Assessment of deposit geology and the controls on mineralization
  • Database verification against assay certificates and drill logs
  • Assessment of sampling procedures
  • Assessment of quality assurance and control protocols (QA-QC) and their results
  • Univariate and bivariate analyses of assay data
  • Analysis of grade across contacts between rock types or domains
  • High grade outlier analysis
  • Geostatistical analysis (modelling experimental variograms)

Our toolkit includes conventional mine software packages such as Geovia Gems and Maptek Vulcan for 3D modelling and grade estimation, Aranz’s Leapfrog Geo 3D modelling software for domain modelling, and Sage for geostatistical modelling. We also use MS Excel and some GSlib programs to perform classical statistical analyses.